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re: App: Kenbucho

The application submitted by Kenbucho is as follows:

Name : Scott
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Hyjal
Level : 100
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Tauren
Class : Druid
Spec 1 : Balance
Spec 2 : Resto

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

Working Mic & Mumble?*:


What is your ilvl?:

Please describe your raiding experience and include log reports.:
I'll start off by saying that I was a hardcore raider in a guild called Rockjaw on Blade's Edge. I started playing Mid-late Burning Crusade, I joined my guild when Sunwell was halfway finished with. We were a guild that had just had its guild bank ransacked while half of the guild Ninja-transferred and took everything with them. I was a new restoration druid in the guild, and I was still trying to find my place in the game. I knew what these guys have been through so I decided that I would help carry their burden and continue on. Long story short, we went from being a laughing stock of the server to being #1 when WoTLK hit. We were the first on the realm to defeat Sartharion and Malygos! Malygos was especially tedious at the time because of the weird mechanic that was involved near the end. We kind of fell apart mid ICC when some people had RL hit them, school or falling outs within the guild. I ended up going to college and buying Cataclysm and transferred the Kul Tiras with some friends. I raided with them, but my laptop was only getting around 10 FPS so I had to call it quits because I hated being useless by dying to fire, circles, etc. 6 years later, I'm getting the itch to get back into the game and I'm hoping that I can call you guys home. I'm on EST so I can make most raids from 11pm-2am. I'm also a manager where I work so I write my own schedule. It may depend on what I'm working the next day whether or not I can stay up until 2am, but I will try to work around this. Thanks for hearing me out, guys.

What are you looking for in a guild? And what are you looking to achieve with Enlightened Dark? Be thorough and Specific.:
Bonds that go beyond the game, humor and progression. I enjoy the bonds that I've made with my friends in the old guild of mine. I'm still friends with them, friends on Facebook and even PSN friends to play other games with. I hope that I'm able to find more of that with you guys. I enjoy a little humor here and then so if you guys can turn from being humorous to being serious and vice/versa whenever the situation calls for it, then I'm game! Progression is also important to me because I enjoy seeing the content, as well as the hardest version of it. I truly enjoy when I can call myself and my guildmates elite with our BiS gear to mow down any type of obstacle that's in our way.

Please explain your rotation:
I pre-pot an INT potion 2 seconds before pull, then use INC: Chosen of Elune, Celestial Alignment (to get both DoTs of Sun/Moonfire to increase Starsurge proc chances) then I Starsurge and blast target with whatever the lunar dial is currently on, I reapply my DoTs, rinse and repeat. I safely starfall trash adds (and boss adds if it calls for it) while also making sure I use my Astral Communion to align myself to use Sunfire to apply DoTs to the entire crowd.

Please explain your gems and enchants.:
I'm still newer to the Enchants, but I am a JC. I have the Mark of the bleeding hollow on my weapon, and my back is the only piece of armor with a prismatic slot and it has a 35 stat Mastery taladite installed inside of it. When I'm satisfied with my back and other pieces of gear I will look into getting them enchanted.

Do you play any other class/spec well?:
I played a Frost mage named Poseidon and a Shadow Priest named Chair on Blade's Edge as well. I boosted a Shaman named Windfurry too so I can test him out. It usually doesn't take me too long to get used to a toon and to understand what they're about. I especially read Icy-veins a lot so I can figure the ins and outs of classes and specs.

Do you have any experience leading raids? If so, when, where, and what?:
I haven't ever been a guild leader, but I have led some raids as an officer by helping my fellow guildmates understand mechanics and help them with their jobs whatever they should be. I mostly led some Sartharion raids, Naxxramas and Ulduar. I haven't been the lead of anything too recently.

What is your computer spec?:
I have a new computer, it's a Liquid cool SLC8800 Desktop with Intel Core i7-5820K Hexa-core processor, 2 TB Hard Drive with Windows 10 installed. I also have an NVIDIA GTX 960 graphics card with 4GB dedicated to video memory. I haven't lagged or had low FPS yet. I usually get around 85-98 in HFC and have seen 70+ on Kazzak raids with over 40+ people shooting lasers at him.

Where did you hear about us?:
Khore in trade chat.

Add a link to your UI in a raid. REQUIRED:

The link should provide you with my current UI, all of the other pictures/gifs are years old.

I have read and understand the information provided in the "About Us" section.:

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> 2x a Month
Monday -> 3x a Month
Tuesday -> 2x a Month
Wednesday -> Don\'t Know
Thursday -> 3x a Month
Friday -> 2x a Month
Saturday -> 2x a Month
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